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Innovation contest: „Inteligent virtual advisor“ stands in the forefront.


The 3rd sponsorship contest for innovations 2006 – Innovative strategies for growth and employment, carried out by the Austrian federal ministry of labour (BMWA) and the city of Vienna brought a major success for the project “Design of an intelligent online selection tool for Internet and online advise“. The project was evaluated to belong to the best of the applicants, and was therefore granted with an innovation subsidy. ”To stand in the innovation forefront supports our way to offer the online advisor solution, appropriate for the Web 2.0 generation of the internet” says project manager, Katharina Seifert-Prenn.

Internet-Invest develops intelligent advising assistents, supporting web users to find the individually fitting products and offers. The pathbreaking project is now encouraged financially by the innovation subsidy of the contest. 

The WizAdvisor concept: The customer states his wishes and gets the best fitting solution. The suggestions are weighted according to his needs.

The application fields are in fact numerous and range from e-commerce shopping, advanced citizen services and online information and service offers. The softwares´ outstanding new features - which are now under development -will be: The evaluation of the offer will include the experiences and feedback of the users. In other words: The community of web users adds important knowledge to the service. On the supplier side the software will introduce new options for a decentralised input of information (products, services) -  allowing web promotion of products and services on a central information or shopping portal.

Intelligent digital assistents will determine the future of the Web 2+, equally focusing on enhanced services and the commitment and involvement of the growing web community.  The basis of any such service and the heart of the system is the underlying algorithm, which assures the best selection process for the individual user.

International patent registration

The new and highly efficient selection and advising solution has been submitted for patent registration in the US and Germany.