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Web 2 - ready Tool for Online Advise: WizAdvisor


An innovative online assistant for product selection and advise is now on the market. The market, where offer and demand meets. The WizAdvisor provides the perfect facilitation with the aim that a demand is perfectly matched by the right offering. Additionally to expert advise, the community know how of web users provides their experience through an attractive interface - which gives more relevance to the rating of each service or product.

„Our new guided selling software "WizAdvisor 4.0" is now available. We offer business clients for their web portal, online shop or website an intelligent , turn-key solution to meet their customers needs for advise," reports Dr. Katharina Seifert-Prenn, Project Lead and Managing Director of the Internet Invest GmbH at the launch of the new software.

Not only that the WizAdvisor allow the user community to add their know-how to the product evaluation database, but they can also configure an agent with their needs to receive personalised updates on relevant products, services or solutions.

Also for the product owners the software provides a convenient service: products and solutions can be setup centrally, but also decentralised via individual ownerships and logins per product owner.

See our Life – Demo: A City Navigator for Vienna

This project - the development of WizAdvisor 4.0 - was supported by the Austrian federal ministry of labour (BMWA) and the city of Vienna.