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Wine Selection Tool Brigitte Achs


To choose from a great variety of wines seems to be interesting and a pleasure but for most of us it is indeed a challenge - You feel spoilt for choice! If you buy wine online, the selection from more then 400 wines is science. Until now! Our  wine-finder is the easy solution to the problem. Lean and efficient and always up-to-date due to its mighty Backend Content Management.

Like a good salesperson the software has a dialogue with the potential wine customer and qualifies his needs and demands by asking questions based on: taste, occasion, category of food, etc. After working out a special algorithm based on a value benefit analysis, the software is then presenting the suitable wines and cross-sell and/or up-sell products. Itís the first time an effective guided sales tool is working for the wine sector.

The interactive WineAdvisor for Austrian Wines

Brigitte Achs, wine expert, demonstrates how. A wine finder is helping customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Look at and check out  Austria's first quality online wine advisor.


Weinberater; Online-Weinkauf; Online-Vinothek; WizAdvisor Beratungssoftware

"This wine-finder has connected two worlds: The good expert advice of a wine shop and the Internet", Brigitte Achs explaining her strategy.

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