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Try our shareware – The WizAdvisor Guided Sales solution for your online service.


To set up a virtual advisor on your website or online shop does not necessarily mean “rocket science”. With the WizAdvisor you are able to set up your own valuable online Advisor - It takes a minimum effort to be far ahead of your competitors. Simply, give it a try: Interested can now try the online demo version or download the shareware version for a hard testing on your local server.

The ultimate goal for the developers of the WizAdvisor was to find the balance between “easy to use” and “maximum output”. Many opportunities are now at hand, for all those who want to try if the advising software meets their specific application needs:

  • The Download of the WizAdvisor 3.0 Demo, that can be tested on your local server, with unlimited functionality.
  • The online live test-account: Clients work live with the software, to get a good overview of the features. There is however an automatic reset at 12pm.
  • The WizAdvisor Start and Professional Version is now available as shareware. Many download directories and shareware sites granted a 5 Star rating to the software features and functions.

OneTool – Many applications

The WizAdvisor is able to display many advising applications virtually. It is now possible to find your perfect product match, without technical knowledge, eg. digicams or mobiles etc... Clients even find the best service selections, like roundtrips, seminars or consulting services simply by answering WizAdvisors questions.

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